How God Has Worked


hand in lightCalvary East was launched on January 21, 2007. We asked our church family to reflect on how God has worked through the years. Here are their responses. 

He provided me with friends who have stepped into my life to be God’s personal touch to me during an intense trial.

He has used the sound biblical teaching and the godly men here to keep me accountable in all aspects of my life as a father and husband.

He has helped me to think more about community and being bold to engage others about their relationship with Jesus Christ.

He has led us to become more outgoing in inviting others in our home and work environment to attend church

He led us here for refuge in our time of need

He has shown me that He wants a relationship with me.  He opened my eyes to the importance of a daily minute by minute walk with Him.

He has provided a place of spiritual rest and growth this season.

He has used my time here to heal my broken heart and bind up my wounds.

He used Bryan’s “method” of delivering the message to speak to me on my first visit 7 years ago.  I’ve found a family here!

He enabled me to grow through relationships with good godly men.

He filled the lost feeling in my soul. I came here and found my home. Thank you Lord for showing me the way back.  God is good!

He allowed me to blossom in Christ’s love and service

He used the preaching here to help me answer the question, “How shall we then live”

He has blessed me through the knowledge and enthusiasm of the men who teach Sunday school.

He drew me to the caring nature I felt here and the desire of the people to be “Christ like” and to serve others in their lives.  This encourages me to do the same.

He has encouraged us through the welcome and support here.  We had been without biblical teaching for so long. It’s been wonderful to hear it in service and with the people here.

He has reawakened my joy and enthusiasm for worship through the warm fellowship and thoughtful, uncomplicated teaching of His word here.  For the first time in years, I feel like I have a role to play in His kingdom.

He has helped me trust Him and this body of Christ to pray for my struggles and accept the physical help that I’ve needed.

He has blessed us many times and many ways as our children have really grown up here. They have grown in their faith.

Praise the Lord for blessing us in our first decade of ministry! May His blessings continue!


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