2017: A Year to Shine

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Almost every sermon I shared with our church family in 2017 tied into the idea of shining in the darkness. As we celebrated our 10th anniversary last January, it seemed fitting to focus on this concept that captures our mission and is even displayed in our logo. I also felt that we needed this encouragement as our culture seems to be getting darker. So here’s a brief review to help you connect the dots.

shineOn our anniversary Sunday we considered Jesus’ command to shine in Matthew 5:14-16.

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agentThen we saw in the book of Judges how God uses even the dimmest lights to shine in dark times.

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romanceNext, we turned to Song of Solomon to remind ourselves that romance and sexuality is designed to reflect God’s light.

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standing16-9In the fall, we learned about Martin Luther and the Reformation, considering how the light of the gospel was rediscovered.

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wonder-16-9Finally, we closed out the year focusing on the light of Christ’s birth and the wonder that we should experience because of it.

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– Bryan Craddock

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