New Sermon Series Begins Feb 2018

jesus16-10To identify someone, we rely on physical characteristics like height, weight, hair color, and facial features. But the authors of the New Testament Gospels did not consider any of these details important in telling us about Jesus Christ. Instead, they focus on his character, teaching, and abilities.

As we continue our verse-by-verse study of Luke’s Gospel in February, we move into a section in chapters 3-6 where he helps us understand who Jesus is. Over the course of eight Sundays, we will see that he is Son of God and Son of Man, the Holy One, the promised Messiah, the powerful Healer, the perfect leader, the cleansing Savior, the giver of new life, and the author of the Law. He is worthy of our faith, our love, and our hope.

If you have a friend who is unfamiliar with biblical Christianity, this series will provide a good introduction. Invite them to join us on Sunday mornings, or encourage them to follow the series online by subscribing on YouTube (video), SoundCloud (audio), or Issuu (e-book).

– Bryan Craddock

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