New Sanctuary Art for 2018

2018 sanctuary art

For the past two years, we have decorated our sanctuary at Calvary East in ways that reinforce the main themes we have covered in our study of God’s Word. In 2016, we explored Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. So, our display featured waves and curves in bright spring colors on banners and large panels to communicate the life-giving power of God’s saving grace.

As we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the launch of Calvary East in 2017, we focused on shining in the darkness. We covered the front wall with canvases of various sizes painted to display light emanating from the cross. This concept fit well with the lessons we learned from Judges, Song of Solomon, the Five Solas of the Reformation, and the opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel.

In 2018, we will continue our study of Luke’s Gospel and learn about the life and ministry of Christ and his training of the disciples. Our new art display highlights the centrality of the cross, by placing it at the focal point of the room with chevrons converging upon it. The old wood could not be more different from the bright contemporary colors of the chevrons, but that contrast only serves to highlight the cross more. Our lives should have a similar effect in our modern world as we take up our cross and follow Jesus (Luke 9:23; Gal 2:20).

This year’s display would not be possible without the help of several talented individuals. Audie King worked on the overall design and layout of the banners. Mari-Clare Wolz and her teen helpers painted the panels. Tommy King scaled the heights to install everything and rework the lighting.

Our hope is that whenever you see this artwork, you will be prompted to pray that our commitment to following Jesus will deepen over the coming year so that the power of his death and resurrection will be evident in our lives.

– Bryan Craddock

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