Serve in September & October 2018

teamToday we are launching a new approach to scheduling people to serve in the various roles that need to be filled each Sunday at Calvary East. Our sign-up form  for September and October invites you to respond to four prompts:

  • (Role) I am interested in serving as…
  • (Frequency) I would like to serve…
  • (Availability) I cannot serve on…
  • (Contact) The best way to contact me is…

The different roles are listed by start time. Below you will find a brief description of each one.

8 a.m. Roles

Worship Musician – Vocalists and a variety of instrumentalists are needed to help lead the music time in our gatherings. Musicians also meet for a mid-week rehearsal.

Worship Tech – Sound and video play a big part in our gatherings. Experience with Powerpoint is needed. Sound techs participate in mid-week rehearsal.

Coffee/Snack Prep – A simple way to help people stay focused in worship!

8:50 a.m. Roles

Children’s Host – Welcome families before Sunday School and worship and make sure that each room has the necessary helpers and supplies.

Nursery Helper – Give parents the opportunity to participate in our adult group by caring for their newborn through 3 year old children.

Children’s Teacher – Help children learn God’s Word! Curriculum is provided.

Children’s Helper – Support a teacher and encourage kids to learn.

Youth Group Helper – Come alongside Chris Johnson to welcome and encourage teens.

Adult Group Leader – Help lead discussion as we launch a new small group study of 1 Kings 1-11 on Sept 30.

10:10 a.m. Roles

Snack Provider – Bring fruit or baked goods for our snack time.

Door Greeter – Welcome people and help them find their way.

Nursery Helper – Give parents the opportunity to participate in worship by caring for their newborn through 3 year old children.

Kids Worship Teacher – Help children (preK-grade 3) learn to worship and learn from God’s Word. Curriculum is provided.

Kids Worship Helper – Encourage children (preK-grade 3) to participate in their own worship gathering.

Usher – Hand out cards, collect offerings, and help people find a seat.

Video Room Host – Welcome people to our video room and work with our worship techs to make sure everything is working


Is there some other role that you would like to fill? Let us know.

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