New Sermon Series for Fall 2018

PrintOur educational system focuses on acquiring facts and regurgitating them. So, we associate learning with classrooms, books, homework and exams. The word disciple means “learner,” but the disciples of Jesus learned in a very different way.

The Gospels tell us that he called them to follow him. Those who were fishermen left their nets behind to join him on the road as he journeyed from town to town teaching and performing miracles. This was on-the-job training for the roles they would fill after he ascended to heaven.

Our study of Luke’s Gospel brings us next to a section that recounts the disciples experiences. We can sum up Luke 9:1-11:13 by calling it, “On the Road with Jesus: Lessons for Disciples.” This new 12-part series in our 10:30 a.m. worship services begins on Sunday, September 16.

Discipleship is not  reserved for church leaders. Jesus expects every believer to join him in his mission. Let’s pray that God will use this study to help us grow in living for him.

– Bryan Craddock

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