Thirty Days to Understanding the Bible


Kick-off the new year by gaining a better grasp on the Bible. Our 9 a.m. classes for adults and youth will study the helpful survey titled 30 Days to Understanding the Bible. Pick up your copy in the lobby today and begin working through it at your own pace. We will introduce the study in our classes on Sunday, January 6, and then take the next thirteen weeks to review and discuss it.


A good friend gave me the original edition of this book almost thirty years ago. I was a new Christian with no church background and very little understanding of the Bible. Though I was only sixteen at the time, the book gave me a simple, memorable framework for understanding the story line of the Bible and the main subjects in Christian theology. This framework has served me well through college, seminary, and twenty years of pastoral ministry. I have never found anything else like it, so I am excited to share it with you.

– Bryan Craddock


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