Our name expresses a lot about who we are.

Calvary comes from the Latin word for “skull” the name of the place where Jesus was crucified. We unashamedly declare the good news that Jesus died for our sins so that people can receive forgiveness and eternal life from God.

We call ourselves a Bible church because we look to the Scripture as God’s true and authoritative revelation to guide our lives. All of our ministries focus on helping people understand and apply biblical teaching to their lives.

Though some understand the word Church to speak of some authoritative organization, Calvary East is not tied to any denomination. We seek to follow the New Testament pattern of believers relating to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

We include the word East in our name because we launched our ministry in 2007 with the support of Calvary Bible Church on the west side of Kalamazoo. We want to demonstrate Christ’s love to people in the communities on the east side of Kalamazoo including Comstock, Galesburg, Augusta, Richland, Climax, and Scotts.

We invite you to join us at our 10:30 a.m. worship service this Sunday.