Songs We Sing

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A lot of times we sing songs because they are catchy, or we’ve heard them enough times to memorize them. In church we can even sing a song simply because everyone else is and it seems expected of us. But when we sing something we are basically agreeing with whatever it is that we are singing, because not only are we hearing the message we are giving voice to it.

In a church service, when we are singing to or about God, it is very important to make sure that what we are singing is free from false teaching. We try very hard to weed out bad songs before they ever show up in church, but that doesn’t mean that you should trust everything that is put up on the screen.

If you don’t know a song or don’t quite understand it, don’t sing it; this is something that is in keeping with the example set by the Bereans (Acts 17:11), and is something that I do as well.  But to aide you in testing these songs I’d like to show you why we sing the songs we sing; the Scripture behind them, and the reason it’s important for us to sing them as the body of Christ.

The song “Every Day”, from Sovereign Grace Music, seems like a good song to start with. Not only have we been singing it a lot, it is a song that is hard to sing and mean. You can view the lyrics here

It is difficult to sing “Thank you for the trials,… thank you for the pain” because if we are honest most of the time we aren’t thankful for them. But God has more in store for us than our momentary comfort. He uses trials to produce praise, honor and glory to Jesus through us (1 Peter 1:7), steadfastness (James 1:3), and through that steadfastness the crown of life (James1:12). We also have the assurance that when we ask for wisdom in these trials, with the faith that God will provide, He will give it (James 1:5-6). And if we acknowledge that all good things come from God, this gift of wisdom will lead us to praise Him for His goodness (James 1:17).

These ideas are all found in the song “Every Day”. In the first verse the song speaks of the fact that God knows all things and that He allows what we don’t understand because it will bring Him praise (1 Peter 1:7). In verse 2 we see that God will empower us when we are weak and need His help and that through His provision our hearts are filled with praise for Him(James 1:5-6, 17). In the chorus we respond by thanking God for these trials that are ultimately for our good and by praising Him for the strength to get through them because we know that He is in complete control.  Finally the bridge proclaims that God’s word is sufficient for all our needs.

The reason we sing this song together is best summed up by Bob Kauflin, the man who produced the project that “Every Day” comes from. He says, “[These songs] are designed to encourage those who are going through trials, as well as prepare us for going through trials…”

I pray that this song will do just that.

– Jared Ransom

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