New Sermon Series for Fall 2021

OctoberSeries_2021When theologians say that God is omnipresent, they mean that he is everywhere. At times that can be an encouraging thought, but it can also be unnerving. We cannot hide from him! As David said in Psalm 139:12, even the darkness is not dark to him.

Eight centuries before Jesus Christ was born, God called the Prophet Isaiah to proclaim this truth. It is the main emphasis in the first twelve chapters of the Old Testament book that bears his name. In chapter 7, he even foretells the birth of a child called “Immanuel,” which means “God with us.”

The people of Israel needed to recognize the different ways that God is present, and we do too. At 66 chapters in length, the book of Isaiah can be intimidating. But this 10-part sermon series will help us begin to grapple with its message.

I invite you to join me on Sunday mornings beginning in October as I explain its meaning and practical relevance verse-by-verse.

– Bryan Craddock


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