Spring 2022 Growth Groups

Feb2022growthgroupsOn Sunday, February 6 we will kick off a 16-week session of men’s and women’s Growth Groups focusing on John 13-21. We will meet together as a large group on Sundays at 9 a.m. in our church fellowship room to pray together before splitting up. Study guides will be available on Sunday, January 30.

From the cover of the study guide:

What if the place of greatest shame and weakness was really the place of greatest glory?

The second half of the Gospel of John draws us in to the intense 72-hour period covering Jesus’ arrest, execution, and resurrection. We come face to face with Jesus as he washes his disciples’ feet, prepares them for his departure, and prays earnestly for their souls. These chapters are an intimate portrait of a Savior who is determined to love his friends to the end.

John 13-21 is sometimes referred to as “the book of glory.” As the twists and turns of the narrative come to a dramatic climax, John wants to fix our eyes on the glory of the Lord Jesus: a glory which —counterintuitively—comes through and is seen most clearly at the cross. In God’s salvation plan the crucifixion is not a tragedy but a triumph.

As you behold your crucified King in the Gospel of John, you will be moved by his profound power and humble love, as you discover more about what it means to follow him and enjoy life in his name.

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