Serve in July & August

teamWe encourage everyone in our church family to serve in some capacity on Sunday mornings. Click here to complete our sign-up form for the Sunday morning roles that need to be filled here at Calvary East. The different roles are listed by start time. Below you will find a brief description of each one.

8 a.m. Roles

Worship Musician – Vocalists and a variety of instrumentalists are needed to help lead the music time in our gatherings. 

Worship Tech – Sound and video projection play a big part in our gatherings. Experience with Powerpoint is helpful for projection.

Coffee/Snack Prep – A simple way to help people stay focused in worship!

8:50 a.m. Roles

Children’s Teacher – Help children learn God’s Word!

Children’s Helper – Support a teacher and encourage kids to learn.

10:10 a.m. Roles

Snack Provider – Bring fruit or small baked goods for our snack time.

Nursery Helper – Give parents the opportunity to participate in worship by caring for their newborn through 3-year-old children.

Kids Worship HelperHelp elementary school aged children learn to worship God.

Door Greeter – Welcome people and help them find their way.

Usher – Hand out cards, collect offerings, and help people find a seat.


Is there some other role that you would like to fill? Let us know.

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