Biblical Teaching

In all that we do, we place a strong emphasis upon helping each other understand the Bible and live out its truths. If you own a Bible, we encourage you to bring it with you to follow along. If you don’t own one, we would count it a privilege to give you one and help you start down the path to knowing God.

Why do we come? It is the sound, biblical teaching we learn. We see how God’s Word applies to our lives today. -Darla

Our pastor strives to communicate the Word of God as accurately as possible with no personal or hidden agendas. -Michael

Meaningful worship.  Messages given in love that challenge but don’t give guilt trips.  Real people supporting each other with varied needs.  Open honest support for each other.  No pretentiousness. -Kathy

Photo courtesy of Simona BalintFamily Atmosphere

We began in January 2007 as an outreach ministry of Calvary Bible Church, an independent non-denominational church here in the Kalamazoo area. Since then we have grown to the point that we began to operate as an independent church in June 2010. On an average Sunday morning you will find about 150 people of all ages joining together for worship at our facility. Many are from Comstock Township, but others drive in from East Kalamazoo, Galesburg, Augusta, Richland, Scotts, Vicksburg, and even Battle Creek.

I would sum it up as a small church with a family feel to it; where the Word of God is taught and where you are encouraged to read the Word for yourself. -Brian

I think of our church as a small country church, God centered, with a friendly and caring congregation. -Kay

I think the people are friendly and I felt welcome the first time I came. -Betsy

Family friendly, welcoming and inviting.  No pressure-God focused!  We love it! -Tabitha